A list of stores that carry “Advanced Design Toothbrush” by region.
Please contact each store directly for detailed stock status.


Hands Sapporo Store

Ainz & Tulpe underground shopping mall

Ainz & Tulpe Le Trois

Ainz & Tulpe Odori Bisse Store

Ainz & Tulpe Ario Sapporo

Ainz & Tulpe Shin Sapporo Duo


Hands Shinjuku Store

Hands Shibuya Store

Hands Tokyo Store

Hands Ginza Store

Hands Kitasenju Store

Hands LaLaport Toyosu Store

Hands LaLaport Tachikawa Tachihi Store

Hands Machida Store

Hands Yokohama Store

Hands LaLaport Yokohama Store

Hands Atre Kawasaki Store

Hands LaLaport Shonan Hiratsuka Store

Hands Chiba Store

Hands Vivit Minami-Funabashi Store

Hands Kashiwa store

Hands Omiya store

Hands LaLaport Fujimi

Ainz & Tulpe Tokyo Station Store

Ainz & Tulpe Ikebukuro Seibu Store

Ainz & Tulpe Grand Emio Tokorozawa

Ainz & Tulpe Kawaguchi Casty Store

Ainz & Tulpe Colette Mare Sakuragicho

Ainz & Tulpe Odakyu Department Store Machida Store

Ainz & Tulpe Jiyugaoka Store

Ainz & Tulpe Kinshicho Marui

Ainz & Tulpe Kitasenju Marui Store

Shibuya SQ

2-24-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Shibuya Scramble Square Shop & Restaurant 10th Floor


Takasaki Opa 6F, 46-1 Yashimacho, Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture

Hands Be Aobadai Tokyu Square


Hands Umeda Store

Hands Shinsaibashi Store

Hands Abeno Q’s Mall Store

Hands Esaka Store

Hands Kyoto Store

Hands Himeji Store

Hands Amagasaki Q’s Mall Store

Ainz & Tulpe Exoare Seishin Chuo

Ainz & Tulpe LINKS UMEDA Store