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How the brush is made

The plastic raw material is in the form of granules like these. The basic color is colorless and transparent, so it can be mixed with the desired colored powder to create the desired color.

Make bristles of brush.
When heated to 200°C the grain melt. The molten resin is pushed through a narrow hole to form a similar to a cord. By bundling these strings together, they become bristles of a brush.

Make brush stand.
When heated to 200°C the grain melt. By placing them into a mold and solidifying, you can create them into the desired shape. This is how the brush stand is completed.

Combining the bristles of brus and the brush stand. This process is called “Toothbrush bristling.” To make these bristles of brush is the Sakabe brush’s service.


You can purchase it at HANDS and Amazon.

List of stores by location

Click the picture’s which you choiced, you can see the product Introductions on Amazon.

Advanced Design Toothbrush
2 piece set
(Color cannot be selected /Individually wrapped)
Advanced Design Toothbrush
4 piece set
(4-color assortment
/individual packaging)
Advanced Design Toothbrush
12-piece set
(4-color assorted set x 3 boxes)